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David Slabotsky

Since 1988, I have been treating musicians for pain, injury and disability. It has been my experience that most violinists play against themselves, in that their technique is self-destructive. Some musicians can get away with it for a long time, many cannot. In order to practice and perform the long hours required to succeed, the violinist needs technique that maximizes the mechanical advantages of her/his individual body. As you move through space, different forces come in and out of play, and the manner in which they do so creates a strong physical vehicle for your music, or a harmful one. Every violinist plays with a different body, and that body has to be analyzed and instructed individually - for example, there is no one way to treat tendonitis or overuse syndromes. By watching and listening, I understand the mechanical forces at play and at issue in the individual musician. My method is to show the violinist how to play in and from their unique positions of mechanical advantage, and to morph from one instant of strength to another throughout their practice and performance. This method treats, corrects and redeems playing related injuries, even career-ending disability, and prevents them from recurring. It is an excellent method for insuring against playing-related injuries. When you study this method and discover the bio-mechanics that are unique to you and your playing and how to use them to your advantage, you will notice an immediate improvement in your sound and control, and in your stamina and strength. I have taught this method to professional musicians, teachers and students, privately, and at master classes at the Royal Conservatory of Music, Domaine Forget and the University of Toronto Faculty of Music.You are not training for a single exam, audition or performance, but for a lifetime of musical achievement. Your body has to carry you through.

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