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charles johnston

I am a professional violnist and teacher. I am almost totally a Dounis product. Specifically, I show violinists how to play without pain. I have never failed to show a student how to play without pain within 30 minutes. This must seem like an astonishing claim, especially to those who have sought relief from pain, without success, from doctors, chiropractors, acupuncturists, and the like. As it turns out , physicians have failed to recognize the implications of something they already know: Muscles only contract and release; they do not push and pull. This means that for any operation like, for example, opening and closing the hand, two different sets of muscles: one to open the hand, and one to close it; the biceps move the forearm one way, the triceps move it the opposite way. The pain comes when one activates both sets at the same time. The muscles act against one another and pain occurs at the weakest point. It is important to understand that the cause of the pain is not located where the pain is occurring. The cause is using two sets of muscles against one another. Diagnosis and treatment of the problem requires two things: An anatomically correct account of violin playing (Dounis), and the ability to detect which muscles are being activated, so you can tell the muscles directly whether to activate or not (Alexander Technique). As I said, this may very well sound incredible, but I do offer a free demonstration.

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