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michael carrico

I am wanting to be Luther. at Boston, MA.
can play good. looking at open mic nights right now.have memorized about twenty songs. short ones like Irish or folk, not sure.know only first position.took six months of lessons.thinking of building a violin first then submit before going to school.
may have a authentic Stradivarius. the date is 1730, had according to my research the wood he used then matches what makes this one.the type of spruce and maple.however someone in the past decided to try to improve the makers work. the varnish removed, and the belly removed and replaced back again, if it is the original belly.the glue this bone head used was of course something like old time super glue. any value? who would know?
Have taken to making my own bridges.In preparation towards luethering school. Want to have experience working with the parts of violin. Have attempted to set sound post myself with too much trouble.
The bridges were done in oak at first, but went to spruce, Softer no doubt. Easier to work with and shape more better.Rather than using regular plans to shave off excess wood, found a gizmo with a cheese grader type screen.When I began didn't want to use any power tools. Antonio didn't, did he?