David Teitelbaum
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David Teitelbaum

Since a very early age I have been enamored by string instruments and their sounds. I took a particular fancy to the violin and I subsequently took lessons. I later discovered that the viola is more suitable to me and my personality. However, my knowledge, passion and devotion to the violin and its repertoire intensified.

My mentor, Nathaniel Shlomo Luwish, a brilliant violinist with a most unique musicianship, introduced me to the fine art of violin-playing appreciation. He'd been in classes with Milstein and Kogan, after having studied at Rosand's studio in Curtis, and he has thus, with his knowledge, directed me toward a deeper understanding of violinistic art.

My favorite violinists include Milstein, Elman, Stern, Gitlis, Thibaud and Szigeti. I'm not much of a fan for pyrotechnics without musicality...and I also prefer a calmer tempo in most cases. So I, with plenty of trepidation, will say that I am not such a hard-core fan of Jascha Heifetz and all his followers.