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avior byron

Dr. Avior Byron is a musicologist, blogger and composer. Byron published in journals such as Music Theory Online and is currently working on a book on Schoenberg's writings on aesthetics and interpretation in performance (Oxford University Press).

His current research is on the violinist Bronislaw Huberman, the reception of his performances and recording analysis.

Byron did his Ph.D. in Music, Royal Holloway Collage, University of London, under the supervision of Prof. John Rink. Thesis: 'Schoenberg as Performer: An Aesthetics in Practice'. B.A. Degree from Tel-Aviv University in Musicology and Orchestra Conducting.

Byron's interests concern the theory and analysis of various aspects of musical performance and interpretation: recordings, aesthetic writings, reception, history, cultural studies and philosophy. He has a special interest in avantgarde music of the twentieth century, especially that of Arnold Schoenberg. He plans to do research on twentieth-century interpretations of music from other periods, and to discuss issues of Jewish and Israeli identity in music.

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