Asher Wade
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Asher Wade

A passionate amateur: violinist, violist & pianist (not to mention a wannabe cellist!).

A professional: psychotherapist, college instructor in social psychology & lecturer on the International Speakers' Circuit. Doctoral dissertations in clinical psychology, 19th Century Jewish polemics, theoretical astrophysics and ontology [all in reverse order].

I have had five violin teachers: one British instructor in Edinburgh Scotland, one American in Berlin Germany, one German in Hamburg Germany, one Russian in Richmond, Va. (USA) and one Russian in Jerusalem Israel. I also had three piano teachers: all Americans in the USA.

I own a lovely 1880 French violin, and even nicer 1871 German viola (15 1/2") and I recently obtained an amazing 2005 Jay Haide "1763 Tomasso Balestrieri" a`l'anciennce violin. I also own a beautiful 1983 Yamaha U-3 upright piano. Also, J.S.Bach is my utmost favorite composer.

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