Clyde Pearce
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Clyde Pearce

Just began learning to play the violin two months before my 65th birthday. It has been a wonderful experience and opportunity to exercise the "other" side of my brain, since my work requires a lot of science related thinking. My wife and I hike a lot and one special activity for me is to play the violin in places of natural beauty to associate the violin with nature. I have played beside waterfalls, glaciers, atop a tree stump in a cedar totem forest, on sandy beaches in Hawaii and California, in a small Russian village, in Garden of the Gods park in Colorado and even on a ferry between Juneau and Sitka in Alaska. More recently I played in Sweden, Indonesia and Mexico, and I am a member of the "violinist Mile-High-Club", having played at cruise altitude during several jet flights en route to Alaska. My only regret is that I didn't start sixty years ago, but at least I have begun the journey now. I've discovered that playing the violin isn't something we do, it becomes part of who we are.