Andrew Hsieh
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Andrew Hsieh

I'm a serious amateur violist in Sacramento, California. Although I started late and am still mostly self-taught, I've been playing in orchestras almost without interruption for the last 17 years. I am currently a section violist in the Camellia Symphony Orchestra and principal violist of Symphony d'Oro Rancho Cordova, and attend semi-regular chamber music reading sessions. I made my solo debut in 2014, playing the Bruch Romanze with the West Sacramento Community Orchestra.

Before starting on viola, I studied piano ages 5-17 and played low brass in school bands. I compose a little when I have time.

Goals for 2018-19: learn enough high-level solo rep to be able to play a full-length recital; learn the Walton concerto; find a teacher who fits into my schedule and can work with the type of repertoire I'm learning.

15.75" Tertis pattern viola by Henry Krug, 1979, Phoenix; C.F. Iesta hybrid bow; Strings: Vision C-G-D, Larson A.