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catherine Thibault

I am right handed and used to play violin as a child in a conservatory in France. I switch to dance and never look back.I did study voice and piano on the side though , to keep in touch with musical practice.
I fall in a class 8 weeks ago and broke my right wrist. Because of a slight problem, I have been advised to pick up the violin, left handed. The hand position and fingering could prevent future ligaments problems and more.

So I am now looking for a 4/4 left handed violin, with a good quality sound. Or , if someone would like to donate a right handed violin, I could bring it to a shop to have it converted.I read some of your forums about the left handed topic and may be one of the students dropped out and would like to sell his/her violin.My mounting medical bills doesn't allow me to spend a lot of money on a violin.
I did checked on the Gliga'ones, I didn't find their tone very warm ,I don't think that the cheap on-line violins are of any good quality.
I am looking forward to the challenge though.
And I appreciate your forum very much.Thank you.