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Charly Edry

Charles Edry is a luthier located near Montreal, Quebec, making high-quality full-size violins, violas and celli in his Laval shop. Charly has well over 30 years of experience in the making of string instruments. Charly's hand-made string instruments are being played by professional musicians, violin professors and advanced-level students in several of the leading music schools and faculties in North America, such as the Schulich School of Music in McGill University and the Faculty of Music in the University of Montreal.

Charly's finest hand-made string instruments have gained the highest praise from leading musicians - violinists, violists and cellists - in North America, Russia and Israel, and the demand for his masterful creations is just starting to grow as the unique sound produced by his creations gains growing recognition by master musicians of the highest calibre, advanced-level teachers and their students.

During the summer of 2011 alone, several of Charly's hand-made violins were examined by a concertmeister of world renown in a public setting and received the highest praise from this world-class artist.
A full-size cello that Charly has completed recently (in 2010) was examined by several prominent Canadian cellists including the assistant first cello of one of Canada's leading orchestras and a principal cellist of the Juilliard School of Music student's symphony orchestra, and they have all expressed their enthusiasm of Charly's cello sound. They found Charly's cello sound qualities not falling and even surpassing the qualities of their own instruments, which are estimated at 6- and 7-digit $$ value. Of course, Charly's string instruments are sold for a small fraction of that price! At least for now...

Charly Edry himself, being a master crafter of string instruments, is not very much versed in the marketing and promotion of his works. These have, until now, been sold based on personal references only from mouth to ear inside the local community of string instrumentalists in Montreal, Canada. However, seeing the outstanding quality of Charly's work both as maker and in repairs of string instruments, several of his personal friends have decided to help him promote his incredible mastership for the benefit of a larger number of musicians who may become Charly's customers, and consequently, to help Charly build a widely-reputable and profitable business, which he is well deserving after a lifetime of patiently building his professionalism as a luthier.

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