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maamoun daou

Maamoun Daou: Phone: 00961-3-670657.

1- Violinst since 1975. ( T.L Television 1978, Radio of Lebanon 1979, Radio of Kuwait 1982) (By Pace Studio 1985-1990)

2- Music teacher since 1979. Violin (all levels), piano (all levels), guitar, vocalize and percussions.

3- Writer at the “ Al Anbaa newspaper” Al Quait 1982-1984.

4- Writer at “ Al Charck newspaper” Lebanon 2001-2002.

5- Professor of Music Education at Teachers' House / Lebanese Ministry of Education 1995.

6- Coordinator of the music affairs at the Lebanese Ministry of Culture until 1992.

7- Conductor and composer) symphony, chamber, Arabic, pop rock etc…) since 1979.

8- Neuro-Psycho-music searcher since 1990. (The Smart Evolution Program’s founder)2003.

9- Has a published book “The smart evolution program” is in libraries couple years before.

10- Music coordinator at (Directorate of cinema, theaters and exhibitions) the Lebanese Ministry of Culture since1992.

11- Music teacher at the Russian cultural center in Beirut/ Lebanon.

12- He recently created a global competition for playing the violin and strings band: