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Alexander Shonert

Dear colleagues violinists,

I am Alexander Shonert, a violin virtuoso and teacher, author of the unique book "How to Master Firm Staccato Up and Down in 3 Lessons".

I have been giving concerts for a number of years as a soloist in Europe and the United States of America. I also have rich experience in teaching. I have taught violin to students in various levels including teachers, high school and academy students, people studying in a music college and in a special music school for talented children. My own music education was in Novosibirsk, Russia where I achieved the highest levels of academic and performance education (the class of Professor A. Gvozdev).
I have been living in Prague where I give the majority of concerts. In addition to my concert schedule I have been conducting master classes throughout the Czech Republic and abroad. For example, I gave consultations for students of the famous Indiana University Jacobs School of Music in Bloomington, IN, USA and the Juilliard Music School, NY. Also I gave master classes in School of Music in Milwaukee, WI, USA and in conservatoires of Ostrava (Czech Republic), Košice (Slovak Republic), in Novosibirsk Music College (Russia), etc.
I developed my own teaching approach which was highly valued by students in Russia, USA and Europe. My students have successfully performed at the international violin competitions, solo performances and as soloists with an orchestra; they have successfully passed the entrance exams into orchestras in Russia, America, France, the Czech Republic and Italy.
As a violin teacher-methodist I lead seminars, especially I had a great success with following courses:
• “How to get firm staccato up and down in 3 lessons”
• “How to get rid of the fear of performances”
• “Energy Chi in the violin playing”
• Vibrato
• Change of positions, etc.
Nowadays, I am living and teaching in Prague, the Czech Republic, but I also give consultations, private lessons and master classes abroad. Some of them are available on my skype alexshonert, please, feel free to contact me there or at

I am looking forward to hear from you soon.

Yours sincerely,
Alexander Shonert

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