Albert Wrigglesworth
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Albert Wrigglesworth

I started studying the violin way back in the 1960's in High School, but got side tracked later in years. I then began to play again in 2006 at the age of 54 after about 30 yrs, and the violin/fiddle has now become my principal instrument. Because of my age I had found other "seniors" looking to restudy or just start to play the violin, and am now teaching in a classroom atmosphere. I have been teaching music via guitar, mandolin, and Scruggs style banjo for over 30 yrs.
In the late 1960s I apprenticed for violin making with Boosey & Hawkes in Toronto in their violin dept. I advanced to journeyman, and then spent over 30 yrs repairing and rebuilding string instruments. I am presently back to my first love of making and playing violins.