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M Zilpah

I am a violin teacher and viola student. I study with a local professional violist, who plays with the area opera orchestra. I enjoy teaching beginners, particularly beginning adults.

I started violin aged 9, in group lessons at my primary school. After finishing "Fiddle Time Joggers" in 6 weeks, I was started on ABRSM grade books, which formed the majority of my training, with some Suzuki books on the side. (Suzuki was not widely used in the UK when I was a child). I was also a member of the County Youth Orchestra system, starting with County Training Strings and moving up into the Youth Orchestra in my final two years of secondary school.

I completed my DipABRSM as a teenager and have studied higher, but have not taken any other formal exams in the violin.

Viola has been a far more recent addition to my musical life. I dabbled a little in secondary school and borrowed a friend's spare viola for many years. A tax rebate in 2018 meant I could buy my own. I started proper lessons privately, with a local viola pro in 2019 and have quickly progressed. I am now studying for the Trinity Viola ATCL, with the intention to teach viola beginners in the future.

Current instruments:
1890 French probably some sort of JTL. "Rosie"
1974 English made by my grandfather. "Ron"

Circa 2005 15.5 unlabelled Gasparo da Salo Copy "Cara"

(I name my instruments, I am not the only one that does!)