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Yinmui Chan

I first started the instrument when I was 14, but the story goes back to when I visited my cousin in China, right before I immigrated to the US. He had a violin that he doesn't play, he gave it to me. I was going bring it with me to New York, but as I was going through the airport in Hong Kong, it was not allowed in the plane.
I came to the US, still had the violin in my mind. Somehow my ESL teacher set me up with the orchestra teacher in high school. That was how I first started with the violin. I only took lesson for about one school semester. Got too busy with academic works, so quit. Took it up again in my 30s. Took lessons for about 6 months, stopped again because of personal reasons. Three years later took it up again, and have been taking lessons regularly. This time I am not gonna stop until I get somewhere. Still have a long way to go, but I am enjoying the journey.

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