Angela Garwood
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Angela Garwood

According to my mother, I wanted to play the violin from the time I could talk. Not coming from a highly musical family, this came as a bit of a surprise. Later in life, I found out my late grandmother, who sadly passed away when I was just a year old, played the violin. After years of begging and harrassing my teachers at school, I finally began group lessons at the age of 10.
Despite not being able to afford private lessons, fancy camps and instruments, I was accepted into a bachelor of music program on the violin. I was very fortunate to have Mr. Robert McCausland as a teacher and mentor in the school program who I credit with my success.
Most recently I accepted a full time position as faculty and concertmaster for a community orchestra. I adore what I do, will never stop learning and growing and look forward to what awaits in my future as a musician.