Rachel Conklin
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Rachel Conklin

Rachel Conklin's violin studies began through the Suzuki Method at age 5. After being encouraged by Andrew Zaplatnysky to pursue music seriously, she began taking lessons from Ellie Kang in NYC at age 11.
Having made her debut with the Orange County Community Orchestra in 2007, pursuing music at a high level was the next step. Ms. Conklin took a quasi gap year after high school in order to study violin with Dr. Chin Kim.
Once enrolled at SUNY Fredonia, Ms. Conklin began lessons with Dr. Colwell. Since then, she has enjoyed performing within the school as well as with the Southern Tier Orchestra, the Orchard Park Symphony Orchestra, and with the PhThalo String Quartet.
One of Ms. Conklin’s many hobbies include being a private pilot. She is licensed in both small single engine airplanes as well as sailplanes. During the summer months, many weekends she can be found either towing or soaring among the birds in the skies over Middletown, NY.
Ms. Conklin graduated from SUNY Fredonia with a Bachelor of Music degree in Music Performance. Her primary teachers include Ellie Kang, Dr. Chin Kim, Dr. Linda Sinanian, and Dr. David Colwell.