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Vaughan Jones
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Vaughan Jones

Started playing violin at the age of 8 and absolutely loved it.

Played for several years with the London Philharmonic and various other orchestras and like a lot of London musicians, ended up with a good CV but struggled to live on the salary.

Now I do session work and play in both a String Quartet and Duo. The quartet gives recitals of more serious chamber works but we also play for functions and corporate events. The other musicians are really terrific and a pleasure to play with.

Unimpressed with the quality and lack of detail in many published quartet arrangements, I started to do them myself, writing transcriptions or reductions for smaller ensembles. I'm always interested in exploring lesser known chamber music written specifically for strings.

I also play violin and viola in a small commercial string section - we do recording work for bands, television and film music.
In 2010 we have a busy schedule of recitals, recording and corporate work - I aim to do more arranging, research and try out more 'lesser known' chamber works - because you never know when you'll come across a real gem.
Over this summer, we recorded a disc of Christmas carols (which I have arranged, using only the original melody as a starting point) and that is just being released in time for Christmas 2010.

I want to keep improving and developing my playing and my priority is always to really enjoy the music.