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Pedro Lorenzi

I was born in a family where classical music and opera was heard every single day. I remember my uncle who study in The Conservatorio di Musica Giuseppe Verdi in Milan Italy by a student of Leopold Auber (Dont remember) during 1922-1930. I began to study violin under the hands of Kachiro Figueroa Sanabia (A well known Famous family of Musician that all study at Paris Eccole Normale of Paris under Jackes Thibou, Natalia Bolanger, ECT). My early begging at early age of 10 yrs old with a Japanese ugly violin that cost 25.00(Copy of Strad, LOL). To begin my first class with Kachiro Figueroa told my mother and my dad (both dead) he has a lot of talent just in one or two days already knows the first position of violin. My mentor and teacher used the violin old method of Leopold Auber. At as 2 yrs of ONLY technical stuff and scales. My first concerto was Concerto for Violin and Orchestra by Viotti 22 in G major which I play it and learned it in a month complete. At the age of 16 I wanted to apply to study at NYC, Manhattan Julliard School of Music under the hands of Ivan Galamian and Dorothy Delay. The answer was NO to young got to finish high school and then re aplay .I did with a repertoire 1) Chaconne for violin solo 2) Mozart 3 G Mayor 3) Max Bruch Violin Concerto first mov. The answer was NO I was not qualify due I was from Puerto Rico. Then I apply at the PR conservatory.
At the age of 17 I decide to leave PR and study under the hands of Dr. Thomas Moore, RIP. My life as a musician and performer has been from sad moments to happy moments. I also love playing the music of several Puertorrican composers like Rafael Hernandez whose regional music has travel the whole word. I tried once to study under Ivan Galamian and Dorothy Delay but things that happen. At the present times I’m a free lancing. I owned a violin that is labeled made in PA, Allenton in Killington and Meyers 1922, and old American violin. I need more info about it. Well at this moment I’m suffering form Epilepsy and Parkinson but I play my violin for Musical Therapy. My best advice to new violinist is be yourself don’t copy others. God bless you all.

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