Rebecca Sharp
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Rebecca Sharp

I started violin at age 10. Started going to Suzuki Music Camp shortly thereafter, loved it, and was hooked! Wanted to be a world class violinist and professional artist (painting/drawing) since I was 11 years old. As a kid and young adult, I worked hard but also had talent. I was a serious violin student up until age 19 and could have had a bright future in it (orchestral performance). I used to practice up to 7 hours a day but have lost much technique since I don't practice much anymore.
Over the years, I've developed other interests and had wanted to become more balanced instead of a musician who can't do anything else in life other than play beautiful, interesting, and complex sounds. I now play violin/viola in at least 2 community symphonies, pit orchestras, and sometimes at my church. The latter is where the purpose of my music is at; as I now have (unlike in the past) the capacity to experience real simple joy where God has become my purest motivation to play. I'm re-learning to see my playing in a new prospective that actually makes music have more meaning to me and where I experience it as a whole person, rather than 'categorically,' if that makes any sense! It's been a years' long struggle, but I think I'm finally coming to a peace regarding the redirection of my life that has not included becoming a professional violinist. Life's too short and there's so much out there!