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Mary Moser

Hi! I am Mary Moser and I teach violin to students of all ages using the Suzuki method. Dr. Suzuki was interested in not only developing the skill of violin playing, but more importantly, he desired that through learning the skills and discipline necessary to master the violin, he would be teaching life skills that would positively affect the very nature of his students. I share this passion. Learning the violin is a noble and enjoyable desire, but through the discipline of learning the violin, I desire to teach skills that will positively affect students in many other areas of life and learning.

I have taught students as young as 3 and as mature as 70 for more than 20 years. It is a truism that one is "Rarely Too Young and Never Too Old to Twinkle!" (Kay Collier Slone) I have trained with many of the leaders in Suzuki education. In addition, I have studied in the Paul Roland method and some Music Learning Theory of Dr. Gordon. All these learning experiences have helped to shape my understanding of the almost limitless abilities of children to master whatever is presented to them when presented properly.

I am a mother of three wonderful young musicians. I love working with children and I have dedicated myself to the instruction and development of students of all ages.

Master of Music in Performance and Pedagogy, Arizona State University
Bachelor of Music in Performance, University of the Pacific
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