Gabriel Gunsberg
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Gabriel Gunsberg

President and Founder of Tempo Cases.

Tempo designs, manufactures and sells the world's first musical instrument cases that actively control their own internal temperature and humidity levels using advanced electronics and specially engineered materials. Tempo cases also include fully integrated, state-of-the-art GPS tracking technology that allows you to track their location using our secure online mapping and account management platform. Tempo cases will even send you remote text messages and email alerts to notify you of important safety and security concerns - for example, if someone moves your case without your knowledge (i.e., steals it), if your case is in a location that is dangerously hot and needs to be moved for safety, if the battery is low, as well as many other safety alerts.

Tempo cases use advanced electronics, high tech materials, and proprietary software to provide the highest level of protection against temperature and humidity changes, theft, loss, impact, and other ever-present dangers.

Designed, manufactured and assembled in the USA with offices in Boston, MA. Patents pending internationally.

Feel free to contact me at, or send me a message through this page for more information.