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Jeffrey Reider

  I am a third generation Luthier. My Great Grandfather John Lewis Reider was a Violin Maker from the Oley, PA area. My Grandfather John Walter Reider, was his luthier, a Composer, Violin Teacher, and Professional Violinist for many local groups including the Reading Symphony Orchestra.  I worked ten plus years for a local Luthier in the Reading, PA area, and served my full Apprenticeship in his shop before he passed away. After he passed away, I worked for his Widowed Wife, and ran the shop, developing the skills I needed to become a Master Luthier, devoting my Heart, Life, and Many Long Long hours to help Teachers and their Students of Berks County and Beyond.   After Three Years of being the widows Journeyman, on March 24th. 2006 I was unfortunately Laid off.   Later that afternoon, on March 24th, my Wife Shelly and I found our present location in West Reading.  We have a fabulous location, in the Shopping District of West Reading, with many small Boutiques and Specialty Shops. We are also just three blocks from The Vanity Fair Outlets.  We provide services on Orchestral Stringed Instruments, and Fretted Stringed Instruments. These Services are artistically performed in house, one instrument at a time. We can handle the most challenging full restoration, down to the simplest string change, or bow rehair.   We also provide  professional sales of Instruments, Bows, and their Accessories.  Thank You,    Jeffrey M. Reider