Carla Dumonte
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Carla Dumonte

Born in 1992. Began her musical studies at the Cultural Association Trítono a few months after turning 16 years, with Antonio Plizz. A year latter entered in the local music conservatory, Eborae Mvsica, where she studies violin with professor Luis Rufo, and participates in the string orchestra directed by the same. Currently is in her 7th degree, with fairly good grades but not really any work of merit to show yet. Occasionally performs in recitals organised by the conservatory and with the orchestra all over the country.

She wants to become a professional violinist, working solo, in orchestra and string quartet or any group of that kind, and is willing to try anything in this world (except teaching because she lacks skills with children).

Owns a Jay Haide à L'Anccienne Balestrieri copy from 2008 and a Carlo Giordano VS2 from 2012.

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