Su Han
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Su Han


I'm a high school violinist who has been playing for nine years now. I have decided to enjoy it as a hobby and perhaps a way to earn some cash by way of busking and weddings.

Nevertheless, I have always been exposed to music from a very young age-My lullabies were Mozart and my mother watched Amadeus in the hospital before I was born. I started piano at 5, and guitar (very much as a hobby, mind you) about a year ago.

My current working pieces are the Wieniawski Concerto No. 2 and the Bach Adagio in g minor of Sonata 1.

Dream piece to play? The Bach Chaconne-correctly. Or at least a hundredth of how Milstein plays it.

Other interests-psychology, origami, music composition, writing, and drawing.

Nice to meet you!