Sarah Niblack
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Sarah Niblack

Founder & Head Nerd of SPARK Practice

I help change the conversation around practicing and performing for peak performance, and bring nervous system regulation to the general public. Just because you learned something doesn’t mean you learned how to perform it.

SPARK Practice is the solution for Professional and Pre-Professional musicians that strive for Healthy Musical Excellence.

I’m a neuro-divergent, pho-loving, recovering perfectionist, and active violist based in Paris, France. I‘m a former Division-1 scholarship rower with multiple auto-immune challenges, titanium plates/screwes, with a passion for holding space for people to find (& feel) their awesomeness.

Decades of research and my own experiences brought neuroscience, elite sports, top musical training, and mindfulness together into SPARK Practice: a neurologically-aligned framework with expert strategies for mindful performance excellence and gentle self-regulation with Nervous System Neutral.

My superpower is helping you find your spark: to feel confidently prepared and shine on stage when it counts.