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sara edin

I am a fiddler,though taught classical, I went other ways.
In the cultural limbo where I grew up,I did not know any other ways of playing the violin,so I sought for myself for the sound I wanted,the one I heard in my head, rougher, less polished but with the depth and warmth of the classical sound.
One of my inspirations has been Jimi Hendrix. Another hero I discovered later is Stuff Smith. Aly Bain made a huge impression on me when I met him at a festival in Sweden,thank you!
I play in several groups and write music. An eclectic mix of various folk music, jazz, gypsy music and improvised music. No boundaries. I love all kinds of music.
I used to play in rock bands, playing electric violin, using effects and so on,quite a lot, but I much prefer playing a real violin, and that is what I have been doing the last 6 years or so.