Rafael Regilio
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Rafael Regilio

Hi, I am Rafael!

A Brazilian/Italian violinist who lives in Germany. I've been teaching violin for many years since I was in Brazil. There I had a great, remarkable and savvy violin teacher from Bulgaria, Prof. Evgueni Ratchev (who has in his career - just to mention a single point - performed with Henryk Szeryng), from who I've learned for almost a decade.
Teaching is something I surely love and consider as part of my life. Now, with all the resources the we have at hand, I've been teaching from Germany to many places, including my home country, Brazil. It means I can help students from different places in different languages, like English, Portuguese, Spanish and German.

All I look for, and this is the most exciting challenge for me, is to create a way that is gonna make my students understand -at first concepts about moving their arms, joints and fingers as simply as possible. As soon as it is becoming kinaesthetic and more natural, it feels really good to produce sound with their own hands, literally!

That's when the fun begins!