Lisa Young
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Lisa Young

Adult violin beginner with first lesson 8/29/2019, but started in earnest Oct/2019 with another teacher.

I do have background knowledge of music having had completed piano ABRSM Royal College of Music exams up to grade 8, both practical & theory by age 15. After that, I did not play much piano music in college, post-graduate school and in pursuit of a career.

I decided to learn to play the violin, as evidence of new adult learners succeeding is ample on youtube etc. In addition, I travel to other locales sometimes for work, and transporting violin is doable in car, or on a flight. Violin is small; piano is not :)

Favorite band: Russian Circles

Current favourite violinist: Midori

Current favourite pianists: Yuja Wang & Xiaoyu Liu

Childhood favourite pianists: Earl Wild & Maurizio Pollini