Shona Eisenhauer
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Shona Eisenhauer

I am a college student living in BC studying to become an art teacher. I love painting, writing, listening to and playing music, nature, colors. I am the oldest of a family of 5 kids, all of whom are at home and still in elementary and high school. They live 10 hours away from me (in my hometown) on a big beautiful ranch, with horses and a lake and lots of snow in the winter. I cannot tell you how dearly I miss them.

I have always loved everything about violins. I dropped violin lessons when I was quite young, before I was through even a year of lessons. Since then I have honed my guitar and piano skills, but want more than anything to play violin. I bought an old violin from an estate sale a few months ago and am getting it fixed up and taking lessons as soon as my violin is finished.