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Elisabeth Matesky

Internationally recognised American born performing/recording artist for radio, film & television Violinist/Violin Master Teacher + Chamber Music & Orchestral Repertoire Bowing Expert, rare Carrier of the Heifetz-Milstein Legacy of Great Violin Playing, Elisabeth Matesky, is also a musical writer/speaker, published in the AST Journal, Strad Magazine/London, w/guest posts/ articles in theguardian.com, slippeddisc.com, Violinist.com, NYtimes.com and Illinois' State ASTA magazine, the 'Scroll'. *She was a Core contributor to LinkedIn's online 4 Plus Year Discussion of Prof Nick Hulme of Thames Valley University in London, w/Final title,'Top 10 Greatest Violinists of All Time(V)', having just honoured 'Top Greatest Violinist No.1 of All Time', Jascha Heifetz, on the *October 27th, 2017, Greatest Violin Master, Heifetz's Centenery of his NYC Carnegie Hall Violin Recital Debut on *October 27, 1917, w/JH Violin Master Class 5 yr Pianist, Gerald Robbins, sending a 'Heifetz Centenery 10/27/2017 Toast' from New York City, & renowned World of Violin colleagues which included Buenos Aires Philharmonic Leader, Pablo Saravi; UK Violinist Teachers, Simon Alexander Scott, Roger Stimson & Robert Masarachi; Violinist Camilla W. Scott; Marcello Canci, Professor of Violin, Milan Conservatory of Music, Italy; Jan Rush, LA;*Joel Quivey, *Raphael Klayman, Violinists/Violists all, saluting The Master, Jascha Heifetz, e. matesky's mentor, unanimously for his 'Reign' as the World's Greatest Violinist, One Hundred Years after Jascha Heifetz's astonishing Carnegie Hall Violin Recital Debut which was his first public performance on American Soil in NYC ~

Elisabeth's violin studies/rare pedigree began with her Juilliard father-teacher Grad, Ralph Matesky, (acclaimed NYC born String Educator at USC & former ASTA National President), at aged 3, which would eventually propel his daughter into the world renowned Jascha Heifetz 1st Int'l Violin Master Class at USC's Institute for Special Music Studies (including her film in the 'Jascha Heifetz Violin Master Classes', now on YouTube - in her own performance/lesson with Jascha Heifetz, titled Jascha Heifetz Violin Master Class USC - Khachaturian, JH-7, Elisabeth Matesky, Russian vers., Library Master Performers). Upon USC graduation's Bachelor of Music & Special Degree in Violin Performance w/ Heifetz, 2 Fulbright Scholarships took her to London's Royal College of Music and focusing firstly on Romantic Violin repertoire w/Antonio Brosa, & while at RCM, an invitation from French Pianist, Mme Nadia Boulanger, to young Elisabeth Matesky, to partner her on the violin - playing 3 movements of Stravinsky's 'Duo Concertante' for Violin et Piano, Live, in RCM's Great Hall, for a co Paris/ CBS TV Film Documentary, (tho' unavailable presently, is being relocated & re-mastered on musical aspects of Mme Boulanger's fabled performing & teaching of her 'student' composer's, Gian Carlo Menotti, Barber & Aaron Copland & at RCM). The film, airing in America & France in the mid 1960's, premiered on the heels of Elisabeth Matesky's London orchestral soloist debut in the Brahms Violin Concerto with Sir Adrian Boult, conducting. The Matesky Brahms w/Boult debut created such an effect she was invited to represent America in the First Sibelius Int'l Violin Competition in Helsinki, FI. Upon winning the First Sibelius International Violin Competition 'Special Award for Best Solo Bach' & invitation to perform the 'Adagio di molto' of Sibelius' Violin Concerto for the Sibelius Family including all 5 Sibelius Daughters of The Master, for The Finnish Gov't Inaugural Concert/Ceremony w/Finland's Minister of Culture proclaiming the Hameenlinna birth-house of The Master, into the 'Sibelius National Memorial Museum' on the Dec. 8th,1965, Centenery Birthday of Jean Sibelius, (televised live in Finland, throughout Scandinavia & all over Continental Europe), the rare personal honour of receiving homegrown flowers from the ailing Madam Jean Sibelius' garden from her Five daughters as 'our Mother's Thank you present, Ms. Matesky, for playing the slow mov't of our father's Violin Concerto for his 100th Birthday!', gave birth to Elisabeth Matesky's artistry becoming widely known all over Finland, Scandinavia, Continental Europe & United Kingdom.

Following the above Events plus concert tours of Scandinavia in Sibelius' Violin Concerto, Elisabeth Matesky was signed and listed on the Violin Roster of Wilfrid Van Wyck Concert Artist Management, Ltd./London, w/Ruggiero Ricci, Henryk Szeryng & Nathan Milstein. Matesky's international concert/ recording career began as a BBC Radio/Television Recording Artist then expanded into concert tours to all major European musical capital cities - London, Copenhagen, Oslo, Stockholm, Wien, Berlin, Valencia, Hamburg, Geneva, Zurich, Amsterdam & in *Hong Kong, flourishing in America, in both recital & a much sought Violin soloist w/ orchestra's of Baltimore, Members of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, Syracuse Symphony, Los Angeles Westside Orch., Rockford Symphony, St. Louis Little Symphony & tours as soloist w/London's Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, Royal Liverpool Philharmonic, BBC Radio Wales Philharmonic, BBC Symphony in Manchester, Norwich Orch., English Chamber Orchestra, & her Debut recording in Dimitri Shostakovich's 1st Violin Concerto in a minor w/Bamberger Symphoniker/Hermann Michael, Associate Conductor to HvK's Berlin Phil for Sudwestdeutsche Rundfunk, which led to further recital's in London's Wigmore Hall, London South Bank Purcell Room, St. John Smith's Square, the Harrogate Festival (BBC Live Recital), Leicester (BBC London TV, Live), & only Violinist for London BBC's 'Beethoven at 200' Radio London broadcast of the Beethoven Sonata for Piano & Violin No. 8 in G Major live performance w/her London Pianist, Peter Croser. Soloist w/the *Hong Kong Philharmonic in Sibelius' Violin Concerto & *recital at Hong Kong's City Hall, + annual recital tours of the U.S., w/ invite's to tour Italy, Russia, Israel, Brazil, *Poland, *Eire & *Rumania followed w/a series of EM in Live Concert recordings, 'Elisabeth Matesky Plays', on CD & DVD. Though limited, CD/DVD's are available by special request only c/o US Artist Rep, goldenattorney@hotmail.com. (An also available 'by special request' DVD of Ms. Matesky's 2009 ASTA Nat'l Conference Public Address,**"Elisabeth Matesky on Nathan Milstein: Icon of the Violin, Artist Teacher, Person and the Friend I Knew", can now be purchased by contacting Dale Golden at: goldenattorney@hotmail.com w/Subject Line ~ Attention: 'Matesky on Milstein ASTA 2009 Nat'l Conference Formal Public Address')

Ms. Matesky credits her meeting Nathan Milstein (through his great colleague & former Leopold Auer St. Petersburg famed class-mate, London's greatest violin 'Guru', Sascha Lasserson, with whom she'd studied via advice of Heifetz), and arranged for Elisabeth to play the Chaconne of Bach for Milstein at his home in London - (who upon hearing her play Bach, invited Ms. Matesky to study with him as his 1st private artist-pupil), the ultimate 'baptism' of her violinistic musical approach/sound & artistry.This Master-mentor ~ Artist-pupil relationship would last over 3 & 1/2 years,*including Elisabeth's p.t. Help -Teach assistant to Nathan Milstein pupil's needing extra tips on Mr. Milstein's ideas/ bowing techniques for Milstein's Zurich Violin Master Courses during 3 Summer's, ('70/'71& '72) all of which forged lifetime friendship w/Nathan Milstein, his wife, Therese, their daughter + other members of the Milstein Family ~

Upon her private artist-pupil tutorial's with Nathan Milstein, Ms. Matesky is quoted saying,"my life was incredibly changed from 'most gifted' to unimaginable best's once Milstein invited me to be his 1st private artist pupil. Those 'other world' 3 & 1/2 years in Milstein's rarified world of sound-color plus unique musical discernment and extraordinary bowing were a dream, which I term my 'Blue Period' of truly enriched musical growth - a huge bouquet of technical awareness, including my completely NM enlightened altered bowing, while re-visiting vast amounts of great Violin Concerti, concert pieces & Bach's Unaccompanied Sonatas & Partitas for the Violin. Mr. Milstein always referred to me as his 'guinea pig', because as he used to say, 'you play well enough that I can experiment!' It was the prime privilege of my life to be in 'Milsteinianna' and welcomed as a member of his family. Mr. Milstein deserves all the credit for lifting my playing w/rich musical awareness/teaching to infinitely greater heights never imagined ..."

For a comprehensive Profile on multi-faceted aspects of her musical career including a partial discography, filmed musical performances + her 2009 ASTA address on Nathan Milstein, kindly visit: www.linkedin.com/in/elisabeth-matesky- to view a 2016 profiled musical career & life ~ *Please, when reading LinkedIn's online Profile, note Ms. Matesky's greatly enriched tenure in the Chicago Symphony Orchestra at the invitation of Sir Georg Solti, Music Director/Conductor, (after her Soloist/ Concertmaster post w/formerly titled Syracuse Symphony of New York, now Symphoria), who left a beloved London home for her other residence in Chicago whilst still maintaining very strong US-UK ties, both as a performing concert artist w/guest residencies as Artist Teacher of Violin & Chamber Music in London, while also Chair of the String Dept & Artist Teacher of Violin at the 100+ year old original American Conservatory of Music in Chicago, (followed by her resident Artist Lecturer in Violin position at Chicago's College of the Performing Arts, of Roosevelt University) including continued collaborative guest Artist Teacher of Violin residencies at Trinity College of Music/ London, & the Sibelius Academy of Music in Helsinki, FI, all of which began in the 70's at Syracuse University, NY, resulting in her privately founded Elisabeth Matesky Advanced Studio of Violin, Chamber Music, Orchestral Concertmaster/tutti bowed repertoire + Soloist Bowing Studies in Chicago ~

Elisabeth Matesky pupils/ 'Grandpupil's' of Heifetz & Nathan Milstein, now occupy high posts in major Asian & American + European Orchestra's including the Hong Kong Philharmonic; the Milwaukee Symphony; Grant Park Festival Symphony Orchestra, Chicago; London BBC Radio Symphony Orchestra, with many EM private pupil's teaching & concertising as violin soloist's in Taiwan, the U.S., Barcelona in Spain; and a 'weird' pupil touring as an international 'rock' star + Albert Wang, Ph D pupil, an honoured Violinist in Conductor, Sir Andrew Davis' Lyric Opera Orchestra of Chicago. Matesky is proud of private pupil's with 'day job's' including a Harvard Grad in Law pupil in service of a NYC District Court Judge, & an online in Sydney (Australia) pupil - now a near fledged U.S. Attorney at Law practising in New York City's Manhattan District. EM 'day job' pupil's who continue as soloists or playing in string ensembles include Sarah Haddad, Attorney at Law/ Foundress of the New South Wales Barristers' Symphony Orchestra in Sydney, AU, who just joined the New York Doctor's Orchestra Society, in March, 2019, and an Indiana University/Bloomington former Franco Gulli student who transferred to Ms. Matesky @ACM + extended private tutoring in advanced bowing, Desiree Grode, now a respected Chicago Attorney in Estate Law. International students include many taught in London, from the UK, Paris & Brussels + Finnish pupils in advanced bowing in Helsinki, FI ~

*Elisabeth Matesky was honoured-invited by President Jimmy Carter to perform a Solo Violin Recital at The White House for The State Dinner honouring his visiting guest, French Premier Raymond Barre, including both U.S. - French Cabinet's upon their signing of the U.S. - French Agreement re the Concorde routes to & from New York's JFK Int'l airport & Wash, D.C.'s now Reagan Int'l airport routes to Charles de Gaulle Int'l in Paris. Her performance of Mozart's V/P Sonata, K. 301 in G w/Viennese pianist, H. Wurman, & Ysaye's Solo Violin Sonata #3 in D, 'Ballade', inspired a typed w/handwritten letter to her from the President of the United States, Jimmy Carter, writing, 'The Mozart was beautiful & Prime Minister Barre's (father) was a personal friend of Ysaye. Upon your performance of the Ysaye, we were all thrilled! Jimmy" ~ September 16, 1977

*Recent Honour/s: a printed EM piece, "Mountains of Energy", on endurance required to perform Sibelius' Violin Concerto in reference to comments: (the Strad January 2016 issue Cover Story), on experiencing exhaustion prior to the 3rd movement, "Allegro ma non tanto", w/ portion's of E. Matesky's Treatise on Sibelius' Violin Concerto 'Mt. Everest' challenge, featured in London's March 2016 Strad issue, p.10, 'Letter to the Editor of the Month', and Elisabeth Matesky's view on Tennis Paralleled Techniques in Violin Bowing at ~ ** www.theguardian.com/sport/2018/jul/07/rafael-nadal-pulls-no-punches.www.profile.theguardian.com/user/id/1395780=page1 (LondonSeventyOne, published post, July 2018 ~ ) Never yet
mentioned is a small portion on the 'God's Fiddler' sound track in a recent '11 film on Jascha Heifetz, which contains clipped film footage of Heifetz conversing w/pupil, Elisabeth Matesky, at a music stand - inserted off her Jascha Heifetz Violin Master Class filmed lesson, Khachaturian, JH-7, Elisabeth Matesky (Russian version online @ https://youtu.be/M54U-P-Vs9g ) featuring Ms. Matesky playing the 1st mov't of Khachaturian's Violin Con. for Heifetz w/JH Violin Master Class Pianist Brooks Smith, accompanying her. (To date, no screen credit has been given to Elisabeth Matesky, for her playing of the Khachaturian 1st movement portion on the soundtrack in 'God's Fiddler'.)

*Honour 1996-2019, on London List of Patrons of 'The Sascha Lasserson Memorial Trust' -*Lady Walton, Sir Ron Dearing CB - *Gennady Rozhdetsvensky, Sir David Lumsden MA, Ph.D; Nona Liddell MBE; Elisabeth Matesky, Lord Menuhin OM; Carl Pini Hon RCM, Bishop John V. Taylor, Lionel Bentley Hon RAM; Trevor Williams FRAM. Late Patrons, Sir Adrian Boult CH, Sir Anthony Lewis CBE, Sir John Pritchard CBE & Sir William Walton OM, all admirer's of Sascha Lasserson. (The Trust, a registered Charity, founded by William Ebsworth Hill & Sons, & Margot Macgibbon ARAM, is prized ~ ) *most recently deceased.

Teaching & also performing + making 8 TV EM (1999-2002) performance films + 'EM Violin Master Classes/Chicago Style'; 'EM in London at Trinity College of Music' & Master Teaching Lesson + recital at the Sibelius Academy of Music /Helsinki, FI, future Int'l artist teaching project's include "Elisabeth Matesky Master Classes: A Violinists 'Love In' in London", tba, for 2020 ~ (Inquiries of those interested w/performing vita's/DVD's to play and/or audit will be reviewed with interest by visiting *Ms. Matesky on www.facebook.com/*Elisabeth Anne Matesky &/or contacting Ms. Matesky, at Secretariat, Odens Int'l Mgmt c/o elisabethmatesky@gmail.com &/or Dale Golden (D.G.) via email: goldenattorney@hotmail.com. TBA Violin Grand Master Classes will focus on EM's teaching ideas with fused highlights of many technical-musical ideas of her famed Violin Mentor's, Jascha Heifetz & Nathan Milstein, for 'London '20', following all international celebrations throughout The Jascha Heifetz Plus extended Centenery 2017/'18 Year of his fabled New York City Carnegie Hall Violin Recital debut on October 27,1917, from late Oct., 2017/'18, w/late in 2019 acceptance to invited pupils in order to allow ample preparation time. )

The project "Elisabeth Matesky Violinists 'Love In' in London"' Event for both young to more mature aged violinists inclusive with expectations of performance skills altho' not solely 'star' talents with audience members of great interest/love of many facets of violin playing - music making will also be welcomed to hear a few Elisabeth Matesky favoured stories on Heifetz & Nathan Milstein, in a never before featured London venue.

*Update, May/June 2019 ~ In process talks have begun & are afoot for an 'Elisabeth Matesky Intimate Series of By Invitation Only Violin & Chamber Music + Q & A re her Iconic Mentor's, Heifetz & Nathan Milstein, w/an unusual New approach/slant on those suffering dementia titled 'EM Recall of The Music Technique' debuting during Elisabeth Matesky Guest Artist Teaching Appearances + 'Recall Clinics' abroad in Summer & Fall of 2020 ~ (All Info Updates will be posted here.)

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