Chris Franke
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Chris Franke

I started playing violin at age five. The eldest son of two professional musicians (Dad-euphonium; Mom-viola - both in the "President's Own" Marine Band) I grew up in the Washington DC area. I was a member of the National Symphony Youth Fellowship program, through which I studied with Lisa-Beth Lambert originally of the NSO now with the Philadelphia Orchestra. I began work at the Cleveland Institute of Music in 2002 studying with David Updegraff. I recieved my Bachelor of Music degree in May of 2006, and married my wonderful wife Natalie a week later. I began work on my Masters of Music at Carnegie Mellon University studying with Cyrus Forough. In early January 2007 I took and won my first audition for the United States "President's Own" Marine Band Chamber Orchestra. I enlisted in the US Marines and began playing with the orchestra in late March. As perhaps one of the most underrated professional orchestras, I am thrilled to be a part of such a wonderful organization. As the first third generation Band member (my grandfather as well as both of my parents were also in the Band) I am proud to represent the United States not only to the President of the United States, but to foriegn Heads of State and their parties. To learn more about the Band, visit my personal website listed above.