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Edlix Alcantara

Hi, I am an amateur pianist and composer(13 years old) who now is learning violin. I've been a pianist for 6 years and shifting to learn violin so I could at least join the school orchestra in about a year or so. My piano teacher will be teaching me the violin for he is a band leader and Yamaha store manager in the past, now retired.
I also own a Youtube channel (Shared channel)where I post all of my compositions/transcriptions and/or piano performances.
So that's all about my musical life.

Hello there readers. I started playing musical instruments when my brother started playing it. But it seemed that I became better than him after all.
Anyway... Out of the other talks. I presently am a conductor of our high school orchestra in phillu. USA. I do also play Cello and Violas (No viola Jokes please.)
A First chair in another community orchestra.

I am also a novel writer currently writing a Medieval Fantasy based novel.
But out of that... Back to music.
I also do part time performing Glockenspiel and Flute.
16 years old, Composer and Performer.
That's all about me for now I guess?? Or not?