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I am an adult student studying violin at Georgia Regents University in Augusta, Ga. I fell in love with the violin at the age of four, after watching a performance of Saint-Saens Danse Macabre by the Atlanta Symphony on public television. Sadly my family could not afford to purchase a violin for me. I had to wait several years and finally at the age of twelve, I got a violin and began taking lessons. I caught on to it quickly and began playing in a youth orchestra. Yet, like most teenagers, once I got to high school I gave way to peer pressure and quit playing my sophomore year. I had not touched the violin in fifteen years after that. I began playing again as an adult and taking lessons with a teacher in the school system for two years. Afterwards, I entered college and began studying the violin vigorously. I began playing second violin in the orchestra and quartet. Now I am in my senior year and a first violinist. It gets very difficult but I love every painstaking second of it. The violin is the "agony and the ecstasy" of my life and I would not give it up for anyone or anything. Never would I have imagined making it this far despite my setbacks. It goes to show that passion and determination goes a long way. Good luck to all my fellow violinists out there! Keep playing! :)

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