Hana Asazuma-Cheng
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Hana Asazuma-Cheng

Violin Teacher
Viola Teacher
Chamber Group Coach
Music Composer

Hana Asazuma-Cheng is an active musician/teacher in New England. At age 4, she began playing the violin. Among her mentors, she has studied privately with Professor Roman Totenberg (recent article with his passing: https://musicwithhana.wordpress.com/2013/01/) and Professor Peter Zazofsky.

TEACHER: In 1993, Hana began tutoring the violin; in 1994, began teaching regularly: violin, viola, and small chamber groups. She has full experience working with all ages, from toddlers, K-12, to college students and adults. Hana enjoys working with all levels from beginner to advanced, finding great joy in the array of students’ characters and levels. Hana’s music studio is located at her home in Belmont, MA. She also holds at least two recitals for her private students in the winter and late spring.

COMPOSER: As an animal lover, she was intrigued to write her first music composition as elementary school age child, when her golden retriever dog passed away. Since then, she has written and performed many pieces throughout the years; soloists, chamber groups, and outside orchestras have also performed her works (i.e. Longy School of Music: youth orchestra, Belmont High School orchestra and alum, MIT Summer Philharmonic Orchestra).

MEDIA/APPEARANCES: Hana has appeared in many public media – television, newspapers, magazines, articles…

Among them include: Channel 5 (The Chronicle), NECN (New England Cable News), Newsweek magazine, Prevention magazine, Boston Globe.

Outside of teaching privately, Hana enjoys taking part in music groups such as: the Longwood Symphony Orchestra, The Longwood Players, MIT Summer Philharmonic. She also has worked with / assisted at musical locations such as the music department of Belmont Public Schools, Watertown Public Schools, Belmont Hill School, and outside artistic to athletic clubs – bringing music into.

Growing up, Hana also had a passion for the sport, gymnastics. Balancing both an intensive sport and music, she grew up with great discipline, obedience, full dedication, and coordination. To this day, she often performs the National Anthem for gymnastics competitions, which have included for Brestyan’s American Gymnastics (Olympians: Aly Raisman, 2012 / Alicia Sacramone, 2008), Gymnastics & More, MIT Men’s Gymnastics, Springfield College, USA GYMNASTICS National Collegiate Championships.

VOLUNTEER: She enjoys volunteering and performing solo or in chamber groups at hospitals and care centers, among them: Brigham & Women’s Hospital, Children’s Hospital, Barbara McInnis House (Boston Health Care for the Homeless Program), McLean Hospital, Place of Promise, Hearthstone Alzheimer Care, animal/veterinarian clinics, and sports competitions.