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John Sellers

I picked up the violin 10 years ago after not playing for over 30 years...So 10 years ago started from scratch again on Wohlfahrt #1 and went through 300 etudes on my own in about 3 years. I am currently working on Rode. I only had a teacher for about a month in the last 10 years.

2008 is the year that I get my SPEED chops.

I have committed myself to play or practice the following pieces every day of the year 2008. Starting out this year, although none of the following pieces is performance quality yet, I already had all the notes to all of these pieces under my fingers and the Novacek and Bach I already had memorized:

1) Moto Perpetuo - Paganini
2) Moto Perpetuo - Novacek
3) Partita #3 in E major, Preludio - Bach
4) L'Abeille (The Bee) Op.13, No.9 Schubert
5) The Bumble-Bee Rimsky-Korsakoff, Heifetz
6) Hora Staccato Dinicu-Heifetz
7) Caprice A Minor Wieniawski-Kreisler

Wish me is already great fun the first week of 2008. I am loving it.