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Jasmine Reese

Jasmine Reese is the founder and editor of LateStarterMusician.com

Late Starter Musician (dot) com is a website designed to support musicians of all ages and circumstances. We believe that no one should be denied a QUALITY music education just because of the age one starts, one's financial situation, a mental or physical disability, one's talent level or environment, etc.... LSM is a free networking service for the "everyday" musician. Members can take part in the forums, blogs, submit ads to the directory, receive musical advice and keep up with professional musicians in the E-zine.

LSM’s mission is...

o To provide the "everyday" musician with a place to network, gain connections and receive quality guidance, encouragement, and inspiration.

o To promote excellence in musicians, no matter what age they are or the circumstance of their life, teaching adults how to fit the mental release of musical communication into their busy schedules, not passing enjoyment up just because of the everyday obligations and stresses of life.

o To help teens stay open-minded before being sucked into a uniformed and close-minded social group, keeping all types of music in their lives and seeing the importance of every genre, not just the popular genres.

o To help prevent college students and young adults from giving up music and help them to see that multitasking is possible while still pursuing another career.

o To spread the word that reaching for the sky is not just a hope reserved for young children, but humans of all ages and circumstances are capable of accomplishing amazing feats in the arts and in general.

LSM accomplishes the above through interviews, partnering, and networking with experts and educators in the field of music and amateurs in communities who keep music an integral part of their lives and remain open-minded and liberal, supporting the LSM cause. And, of course, we keep up with late starters through interviews, forums and blogs who successfully fulfilled their dreams of learning a musical instrument with the goal to either be professional or just to do it as a hobby.

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