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David Milligan

I sort of consider myself a returning-aspiring violinist. After my 1st year of college, life took a direction away from music and violin studies, some 30 years ago. I continued to play just enough to barely hang on & not forget everything, though I almost sold my Atchley a few years ago (WHEW! Glad I didn't!). Now that my youngest of 5 is about to graduate high school, and I have 25 years behind me with the police department, I have managed to find time for practice and have even performed a few times in church and other functions.

I believe Robert Gupta said something that I apply to myself at this age. He said, "Music is medicine. Music is sanity." When I've played, people seem surprised and I receive plenty of compliments, but just being able to play to the joy of the kids and grand-kids means everything. With the daily challenges of work, family, etc, I've managed to work up to an hour a day of practice, more if I hurry and squeeze in 30 minutes at 5 AM (before work). I hope to resume formal lessons soon.