Steven Greenman
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Steven Greenman

Described by the Washington Post as “particularly impressive” and “extraordinary” by the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Steven Greenman is a consummate musical artist. He is a masterful violin soloist with symphony orchestras, a soulful performer of klezmer music, and a virtuoso performer of East European folk music. Steven’s influential recordings, klezmer compositions and dedicated masterclasses have been internationally acclaimed.

Steven is recognized as one of the finest practitioners of traditional klezmer violin music. International performances include Jewish Culture Festival (Poland), Internationales Klezmer Festival Fuerth (Germany), Harbin Summer Music Festival (China), University of Shanghai for Science and Technology (China), Klezmer Musica Festival (Italy), and Ashkenaz (Canada). He has performed with the Klezmatics, Kapelye, Joel Rubin Jewish Music Ensemble, Khevrisa, Budowitz, Flying Bulgar Klezmer Band and Shtetl Band Amsterdam. At the forefront of the klezmer revival, Steven has established new klezmer ensembles: Khevrisa, Stempenyu’s Dream, Di Tsvey, the R2G Klezmer Trio, Cedar’s Jumpin’, and the Steven Greenman Klezmer Ensemble. Steven’s thrilling collaboration with master pipa-player Gao Hong, The Braided Candle, explores a unique blending of traditional Jewish and Chinese folk music styles.

Steven’s traditional Jewish and klezmer compositions have been recorded by international artists and researched by scholars. Two of his liturgical melodies have been published by the Shalshelet Foundation for New Jewish Liturgical Music. His recordings Stempenyu’s Dream and Stempenyu’s Neshome have significantly expanded the traditional klezmer violin repertoire. Steven’s grand composition, Klezmer Concert Suite for Solo Violin and Orchestra embodies the full expressive and virtuosic range of the East European Jewish violin.