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Gary Anderson


My name is Gary Anderson in Pahrump, NV USA (not far from Las Vegas) (phone: 917-544-6337) - Violinist, Violin and Viola Teacher, former public school educator and orchestra director, founder and director of chamber orchestras, audiophile, and patented inventor ( I have degrees in Violin and Viola Performance and Pedagogy, Music Education and Computer Science. I am newly relocated to Henderson, Nevada (near Las Vegas).

While I am quite busy, I currently have room for one or two violin students. Lessons would be weekly, and in the evenings.

In my private teaching I strive to make lessons positive, fun and effective, focusing on the essence of the music and the fundamentals of what it takes to make it. In teaching I emphasize what a student should be thinking and doing, not what they did wrong. I focus on doing first, and analyzing later - no paralysis from analysis allowed! I tend to emphasize tone production through correct technique. I do not focus on rote repetition, but on recognizing and learning the essence of the patterns in the music and the techniques that it takes to play those patterns. Most importantly, I strive to make each lesson an event where the student walks out the door feeling better about themselves and their playing, than when they walked in. Try it, you'll like it!

For private instruction, please contact me directly.

Keep having fun making music!

Gary Anderson
Pahrump, NV USA