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Jay Azneer

Physician, studied through med school then put fiddle away to pursue career as a tenor. Picked up the fiddle again 18 months ago. Have been working on the Faure sonata and the Brahms G major.

Update: I guess I must have written that back in 2006. Since then I've progressed a bit. Am now working on the Goldmark Concerto and am still working on the G major Brahms. I've finally resolved my troubles with my teacher and have been studying with her again. I've also connected with one of my old teachers--Bernard Berman. When we studied he was trying to figure out the Soviet bow technic, ie how they made that sound. Since then he has been taught it by a classmate of Valery Oistrakh--David's grandson. SO I'm back at work on that--which is why I always hold my bow in a down bow position--but that's another story.