Jasmine Reese
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Jasmine Reese

In 2013, Jasmine took her best puppy friend, Fiji, a bicycle and her violin on a trek across the United States with less than $50 in her pocket. It took six months. She didn’t know how to camp, and she did not have prior long distance cycling experience. She was just a chubby city girl, trying to regain self-confidence and recapture the person she thought she’d lost. While on the road, she experienced profound acts of kindness, strangers taking her and her dog into their homes, feeding, sheltering and looking out for them. With renewed faith in humanity, she pressed on, reshaping much more than her body, but her mind.

Living outside of the box opened up a world of opportunities, but it also taught Jasmine about the limitations society places on people. She finally realized that when you set your mind to something, free from fear, and with great sense of determination, anything is possible. In March 2016, she began to bicycle around the world in order to fully explore the magnitude of living outside of the comfort zone in a musical context. She took her pup and violin with the intent to use music to bridge cultural and social gaps and learn as much as possible in pursuit of her own personal dream to become a professional violinist, despite starting later than most of her peers.

She now seeks to inspire others face their fears and pursue their dreams, giving talks in schools and other venues. Jasmine also gives house concerts.