Fabricio Soares
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Fabricio Soares

Fabricio Soares, professional violinist and teacher

I'm originally from Brazil, but I've been living in the USA for several years. I started studying music when I was 6 years old, playing the recorder. When I was 13 I started studying cello, two years later I joined the ES State Orchestra in Brazil. When I was 18 I came to USA to work on my college degree. One year later I started studying viola and a few months later I switched to violin. In late 2005 I finished my bachelors degree in cello, then in 2006 I quit playing cello and focused in playing violin (I started working on my masters in violin so I figured that was the best thing to do). In May 2008 I finished my masters in violin. Then, in May 2009 I went back to Brazil and have been teaching violin and playing in gigs and orchestra concerts ever since.

My main style is classical, I have experience in orchestra playing and chamber music and I love teaching violin. I can also play and teach viola really well, but I don't play cello anymore (well, just for fun every once in a while) although I could teach beginners and intermediate cello students.

I can play music from all classical periods, but what I really love to play is virtuoso stuff, like Paganini, Wieniawski, Sarasate, etc. I also enjoy playing slow, melodic type of stuff, like slow movements of concertos, slow arias from operas, etc. The ladies love it...

I'm available for any gigs: studio sessions, orchestra, chamber music, weddings, receptions, private lessons, etc. If you need a violin player send me a message.