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Eddie Davis

Like many other 11-year-olds, I started playing the violin once I began sixth grade. I started on a 1/2 size, went to a 3/4 a year later, and then a full size when I turned 14. I played in school orchestras until I began college, when the time commitment to my studies as a chemical engineering major prevented me from playing in a university orchestra.

I graduated Texas A&M University when I was 20 and worked for ChevronTexaco as a design engineer for a year and a half in New Orleans. In September 2003 I started work on my doctorate in chemical engineering at Rutgers University in New Jersey and am currently a 4th-year Ph.D. student, having just recieved my M.S. Everywhere I have traveled, I have taken my violin with me. Although classically trained, I have also had a wonderful experience learning both Cajun and Irish fiddling. Anywhere I've traveled since college, my violin has come with me as a constant companion and best friend.

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