David M. Dickerson
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David M. Dickerson

I am a struggling, beginning adult violin student. I started lessons in late February 2007, with a 19th-century, German-made violin that my uncle left me after his death on 26 December 2006.

(My uncle had perfect pitch and taught himself to play the violin, in order to teach strings at his school, in addition to teaching band and piano; I, however, definitely needed a teacher!)

My teacher is Karen Pendley (Karen Pendley-Kuykendall) -- (karenpendley.com). She is a professional performer, recording and studio artist (with released CDs), songwriter and singer.

My favorite violinists are Jascha Heifetz and Anne-Sophie Mutter. There are other great violinists, however, whom I admire.

My interests include learning the violin, listening to classical music (which I have done since childhood), literature, chess, and Linux.

(Regarding classical music, I am planning on creating a moderated, electronic discussion list about the life, music, and influence of Arnold Schoenberg. Please contact me if you would be interested in this list, or even if you just love Schoenberg!)

I am a technical writer and Web designer, by profession, although my current involvement is solely with technical writing.