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Paul Carlson

Learn to Play the Violin with Classical Fiddle Lessons!

Through my "Classical Fiddle" Method -- a dynamic pairing of the popular SUZUKI Method plus the Mark O'Connor American Violin Method -- I'll teach you all the technique of Classical Violin as well as all the fun of Traditional Fiddle!

My primary goal is to develop a solid foundation of technique and musical expression in my students. No player can ever achieve their highest goals if they are held back by lack of technique or lack of understanding how to use that technique to express themselves.

We also cover: large and small ensemble playing, solo playing, music theory, performance/how to own the stage, classical vs. traditional playing, the history of the violin and its care...and lots more!

Of course no single style of music can be interesting to everyone, so I encourage exploration into whatever it is my students want to play themselves. I always say, "I don't care what you want to play, I just want you to want to play." All while maintaining guidance at lessons and a constant progression through the Suzuki and O'Connor books to assure a constant technical evolution.

Become just as comfortable in an orchestra as a traditional fiddle session or even playing for dancing. And most of all: HAVE FUN!

I love adult beginners too! Remember that you are never too old to start.