Jim Price
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Jim Price

I first took an interest in the violin when I saw those smiling fellows in the back row of Lawrence Welk's orchestra, sawing away with grins from ear to ear. Then, in grade school, a fellow played for our school assembly the gallopy part of Wm. Tell Overture, and I was hooked.
I improvise in any style you can think of or throw at me,and I compose for the violin.
but my own style comes from an ever-growing number of stylistic effects and sonic curiosities that I have developed and collected. Playing the violin sometimes seems like channeling energy or spirits or artsy frills, like a vessel for old and new spirits. Birds, telephone conversations, animals, machines..ghostly spirits..They're all there on the violin.
Many gigs I play require no music reading, however, I'm an experienced sight-reader, improviser and transcriber/composer.I compose every day.
Email me and I'll respond.
*Go to www.showcaseyourmusic.com/professorprice to hear a little concert.
Also, type in Steve Tibbetts/Jim Price,violin on YouTube for another selection, circa 1981.
Thanks for checking in!