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Lissa Anderson

I'm a struggling viola student at the local university, constantly looking for ways to improve my own learning experience. I need lots of advice. I have been studying for one full year, after a ten year period of absolutely no practice (I turned in my school instrument my when I graduated from high school, and hadn't touched another until last year). While I know this is an unusual circumstance for a music major, I find it very exciting because I am truly a begginer! As such I am constantly trying to manage my learning process. I find that with so many opinions out there, it is necessary for me to experiment with everything. While I've advance dramatically in one year (I feel), I still struggle with basic things such as tone, posture, intonation, and all the usual suspects. I play restless, though I go through cycles, and I use a chinrest mounted perfectly in the center, which I also move around at times. I love advice!