Thomas Sulkoske
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Thomas Sulkoske

I have been playing the violin since I was 7, though I am considered a late bloomer because I only became serious about music when I turned 15. I'm currently going to school for composition and media writing. That is, composing music for movies, commercials, radio, TV, etc. I am also a songwriter, and have been singing and playing the piano for about 2 years now.

Almost every genre of music holds some kind of interest to me, and I try to incorporate numerous styles from each genre into my playing and composing. I love learning new instruments, and I want to pick up the guitar or mandolin sometime within the next year. Nothing is more important to me than hard work and success. I have deep ambitions as a musician and composer, and I live for them every day. I firmly believe that there is nothing hard work can't get you.

99.9% of the time, I try to be an agreeable person. I'm actually really terrible at arguments. The only exception to this is when I feel a deep, personal interest in the topic of debate.

Fun facts:

1. Perfect Pitch is a learnable skill. I taught myself how to recognize any pitch I hear and produce any pitch I think of. Contrary to popular belief, one doesn't need to be born with Perfect Pitch in order to attain it.

2. Music is indeed relevant to society, despite what many people say. What on earth would we introverts do without music?? In reality, music connects us and helps us find ourselves. If we're not comfortable with ourselves, how can we live a fulfilling life?

3. Taking a break from violin every once in a while is actually a really good idea. Take just a week off, and you will come back with ideas you never had before. I learned this when I started composing, because writing music demands this kind of approach.

4. Learning a second or even third instrument expands your knowledge immensely. When you see how music relates to something besides the violin, you get this warm, fuzzy, full-circle kind of feeling. That, and it feels awesome to know how to play multiple instruments.