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Ben Clapton

Ben Clapton has been playing the violin for fifteen years, and keeps finding new things to love about it. He is currently studying with Peter Tanfield, having also previously studied with Rebecca White, Jacek Slawomirski and Zac Rowntree.
Ben has studied at the Conservatory of Western Australia since 2004, and has attaned an Advanced Diploma of Performing Arts. He is due to complete his Bachelor of Music in 2008 and is looking to continue with post-graduate study. In 2005 he joined the Eneksis Vocal Ensemble, and was a founding member of the Faith Court Chamber Orchestra, under the guidance of Anthony Maydwell and Jon Tooby.
Ben received a Music Scholarship in 2001 to attend St Mark's Anglican Community School for years 11 and 12. Here, Ben was an active member of the music program, leading the School Orchestra, and also being a member of the String Ensemble, Concert Band, and Choir. Ben was also a member of the Western Australian Youth Orchestra (Later renamed to West Australian Youth Music) Philharmonic Orchestra.
Since 2004, Ben has put on an annual concert to raise money for Christmas Bowl. In 2006, Ben performed alongside the Salvation Army Silver Threads Band in front of over 100 people to raise more than $1000 for overseas aid.
Ben hopes to one day be part of a professional orchestra, and also explore other interests in teaching, chamber music and composition.

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